NB/S Slim

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The NB/S Slim wool covers are slightly narrower and longer than their market counterparts in order to provide motorisation for wiggling legs. The cut of our cloth nappies is designed for a boatshaped insert and a small tetra. In addition, they are slightly longer from the cut to fit more babies or slightly longer.

Wool Green nappy wraps are sewn from 100% merino wool fabrics of Polish production. All are made of fine worsted yarn, some have exclusive structural weave others flannel weave. All wools used are high quality, delicate and silky nice to touch.

NB/S Slim wool blankets are naturally waterproof from the moment of purchase. After a few washes they will require a lanolin treatment, which is as easy as making yourself a coffee with milk 😉 You can find a description of lanolin treatment for our woolen cloth nappies in the Nappy Guide.

The wool in our cloth nappies has antibacterial properties, so you only need to wash it once every 2-3 weeks.

The applied universal system of plastic fasteners makes it possible to adjust the size of the cover in the waist and length. Soft elastics in the groin, on the back and on the tummy fit the baby and adhere to the skin. The wool is soft and nice to the touch, which makes it comfortable to wear. In addition, the thin wool is thermoactive, which means it breathes perfectly, minimising the risk of chafing.

Wool in the Green Diaper Wrap is certified mulesing-free. All wools are of home production.