Wool diaper cover “Black Garden” – NB/S Slim


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The wool cover is made of two layers of beautiful new soft touch merino wool. Black-grey stripes on the outside and black-white-grey mélange on the inside.

Tabs are made of 100% wool shawl with a yellow roses and green leaves pattern. The layout of the pattern on the tabs is unique for every single diaper cover. We use Polish wool free from harmful chemicals and dyed with baby-safe dyes.

Our certified Mulesing-free wool adjusts nicely and works well.

The cover has adjustable and overlapping waist snap closure, and adjustable size regulation with the rise snaps on the front.

Slim closure tabs do not limit the baby’s legs’ movements. Firmly sewn in soft elastics secure the insert in place.

The total weight of a mini One Size wool cover with the snaps is 100g.

The elastic at the front gives the cover a curved line to release any pressure from the baby’s round tummy.

If you need to put a larger volume of inserts inside the cover, choose One Size Plus for your toddler as it keeps the One Size width measurements but is longer.


Available in  size NB/S Slim:

– 10-11cm in the crotch,

– 32cm – total length,

– suitable for 3.5-8kg depending on the baby’s body type.


Wash & care tips:

Leave the cover to air-dry and air-out after each use. When dry, use again. Wash only if soiled and before it is time to lanolize it.

Wash in hand or machine wash at 30C with soap-free wool wash.

When heavily soiled use a wool stain remover.



Be careful when unsnapping the cover, always holding on to the material close to the snap to prevent any tear.


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