Wool anti-sweat thermoactive insert for seat

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Wool anti-sweat thermoactive insert for stroller seat ideal for children who sweat excessively while riding in a stroller or car seat. It will work well for allergy sufferers and sensitive baby skin.

It was created with the most delicate infant skin in mind. Smooth merino wool is extremely nice and gentle for baby’s skin.

Merino wool is highly hygroscopic, so it perfectly copes with the moisture formed on the baby’s skin in hot weather. Thanks to this, there is no overheating and wet baby back.

Wool is also thermoactive that is ideal for summer heat.

The insole is sewn from a single layer of beautiful, smooth 100% Merino wool of your choice:

  •     Beige check – the most fashionable this season
  •     Steel-black stripes, which are as nice as a cat’s tummy – you know them from our laggings
  •     Chocolate brown, which up close creates an interesting weave resembling a pinecone/jewel pattern also known from our comforters
  • or a blend of natural silk 55% and merino wool 45% (beige/black peplite).

The blend with silk is more slippery and silky to the touch and gives a slight cool sensation. It will work well even for the most sensitive people.

It has a second layer underneath, which is fluffy organic Merino 100% wool.

The fluffy wool has a high coefficient of friction – so the Wool anti-sweat thermoactive insert for the stroller seat does not move either in the seat or in the stroller.

All wools of Polish production.

All types of anti-sweat inserts have additional rubber bands for fixing on the headrest.

Available sizes:

26 cm x 76 cm (0-13 kg) – fits the first seat so called booty and most carrycots and strollers. Therefore, it can be interchangeably used between car seat and stroller.

28-37 cm x 92 cm (9-25 kg) – fits the second seat (also up to 0-18) and large strollers. Therefore, it can be interchangeably used between the car seat and stroller.

32-44 cm x 102 cm (15-36 kg) – fits the largest car seats. Designed without a hole for a 5-point belt. If there is a need to cut such a hole, please add this information in the comment.


For whom:

Ideal for people who love products:



naturally antibacterial,


100% natural,


safe for children = flame resistant,

stain resistant,

dirt resistant,

Polish production!

Magical properties of Merino wool

Cotton, linen and bamboo also cope better with moisture than artificial finishes for strollers and car seats, but unfortunately, when wet they become cold and sticky (see graphic).

That’s why merino wool turns out to be unbeatable, as it wicks away sweat while still in the form of water vapor without causing it to condense on the back and soak the clothes even in the greatest heat.

Between the naturally twisted merino fibers, there are millions of air pockets that create a pleasant microclimate. At the same time, such an insole is also very breathable and gives away excess heat to the outside, thus avoiding overheating (explained in the graphic).

Keratin gives the wool strength and makes the insole waterproof and dirt-repellent to some extent. It contributes to the removal of liquid particles from its surface.

In addition, the wool stroller/car seat insert has each fiber coated with a natural wax – lanolin, whose precious antibacterial properties are widely known.

Thanks to this, wool is harder to get dirty, and any dirt is easy to remove – the insert practically cleans itself.

Therefore, unlike, for example, cotton or bamboo insoles, it does not require such frequent washing.

Washing and maintenance:

Of course, in case of heavy dirt, the wool insert can be washed by hand (we recommend this type of washing) or in a washing machine on the program “wool” with the Woolmark at a maximum of 30 degrees C (only at the responsibility of the buyer). Necessarily with special liquids for wool without soap.

In case of local dirt or stubborn stains, you can use a stain remover available in our store designed for wool, such as coconut soap.

As an option, you can groom with 1 teaspoon of lanolin for the entire tub/large bowl of water – description available in our Diapering Guide 🙂 A small amount of lanolin to just refresh the fibers and not seal their thermoactive properties 🙂

Additional information

Wełna merino:

Beżowa krata, +jedwab Pepitka, Czekolada, Paski


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