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Boosters are used to increase the absorbency of a cloth nappy in a strategic place. For boys they are usually placed in the front, for girls in the middle of a nappy or in the front. The positioning of the booster also depends on the age of the baby, when the baby spends a lot of time on its tummy, it will be at the front of the nappy. On the other hand, when the baby is already sitting or spionalized it is worth strengthening the middle of the cloth nappy. Boosters are useful to reinforce tetras or inserts which are not absorbent enough, or thin market molds.

A booster can have a double purpose: to help distribute moisture (e.g. evo or cotton boosters) or to maximise absorbency in a strategic place (bamboo or cotton booster). In addition, cotton and evo boosters have a fairly densely woven structure so they also work well for children with a strong urine stream.

Regardless of the type, our boosters are exceptionally large and absorbent. They can also be used as short wipes for small children. The dimensions are shown in the picture next to the product. The exact number of layers is shown in the product description.

Remember that in order to strengthen an already insufficiently absorbent cloth nappy, it is best to combine different materials. For example, if you want to strengthen a cotton tetra, choose a bamboo or evo booster. If you want to strengthen a bamboo nappy, choose a cotton or evo booster, etc.

You will find information about washing cloth nappies in our nappy guide.